2018年9月17日 星期一

Water Ciphers: a hidden message in the water -- work for "Art in Chungli" Project 水的密碼 ("藝遊中壢上河圖"作品)

水的密碼 Water Ciphers

 Statement :

Water is the source of life. Hidden in water are messages for life, which then being encoded into different lifeforms and various organisms. The Old Street River, located at the downtown area of Chungli, Taoyuan, has been running all the way from the upstream town Longtan, and carried many possibilities of new life. Guarding the Old Street River is to guard the creatures coming from the water and the environment where are home to these creatures as well as the human kind.

The work consists of three parts: the flying feathers on grassland, the mini woods, and the little fish in shoals being installed along the railings of the riverbank. This work is made by artist Julie Chou with the collaboration of Water Environment Patrolling Team on the Old Street River in Chungli and Hsing Guo Elementary School kids.

Water plays such an important role in all lives and it seems that all lifeforms contain the hidden message from water. I use forms of wings, plants and fish to represent the transformative manifestation of this hidden message, trying to get people's attention to care for the river.




2018年8月15日 星期三

Daily Pottery -- an exhibition of ceramic works by disabled people

Daily Pottery is an exhibition showing the pottery works by disabled people. It is the outcome of 2 workshops that I led and worked, with people who have visual or hearing disabilities, during the residency in Treasure Hill Artist Village in July. Seven office interns from THAV and TAV for summer season curated the show collectively. The works are installed with care and beautiful lighting, and very thoughtful arrangements. A very nice exhibition worth to pay a visit. I'm honored to be in this project. Below are photos from THAV's FB pages:

Two photos show the workshop for hearing-disabled people. But I was too busy to take any photos at the workshop for visually disabled people.

Unfortunately THAV doesn't have any English info for this exhibition. Here I post Chinese version as follows,

● 展覽地點 VENUE/寶藏巖,上光11展間
Upper Ray Gallery No.11, Treasure Hill
● 開幕時間 OPENING/2018.08.10 (Fri.) 15:30
● 展期 EXHIBITION PERIOD/2018.08.10 (Fri.) - 9.9 (Sun.)
● 開放時間 OPEN TIME/11:00-18:00 (Closed on Monday)
日日陶冶|視聽障捏陶公益展//Daily Pottery

2018年6月2日 星期六

2018第二季寶藏巖駐村藝術家聯合發表//Treasure Hill 2018 Season 2 Residency Artists Exhibition

2018第二季寶藏巖駐村藝術家聯合發表//Season 2 Residency Artists Exhibition

////// 2 0 1 8 第二季駐村聯合發表 //////
周靈芝 Julie CHOU
肉身風景 The Landscape in the Flesh
藝術家 Artist|周靈芝 Julie CHOU
展覽地點 Venue|防空洞 Shelter
展覽期間 Exhibition Period|6.1 (五) - 7.29 (日)
開幕 Opening |6.1 (五) 16:00 @防空洞 Shelter
#氣質藝術家 #捏陶好療育 #小小老鼠軍團 #防空洞難得開放 #錯過可惜 #禮拜五不見不散

The Landscape in the Flesh
● Artist/Julie CHOU
● Exhibition Date/6.1(Fri.)-7.29(Sun.) 11:00-18:00(Closed on Monday)
● Opening/6.1(Fri.) 16:00, Shelter
● Venue/Shelter

■ Artist Statement
Pottery becoming utensils has to go through 3 phases: the clay body, the bisqueware, and the glazed ware. The bisqueware is an intermediate stage, still fragile compared to the final product, with pink color, porous body, able to absorb water and not proper for containing liquid. The different shapes and characteristics of bisqueware somehow reminds me of the being of human flesh, each has its own character. I use them as symbols, placing them into the underground space of shelter, projecting the moving images of outdoor landscape on them, surrounding them with running mice on the ground, in this abandoned bomb shelter.

■ 藝術顧問短介


■ Consultant's Brief Introduction
By CHEN Hsiang-Wen
Artist Julie Chou has been working on the The Language of Earth and Clay workshop in the studio of Treasure Hill Artist Village for several months, providing an open and interactive space that invites/awaits visitors. With hands molding clay without restricting themes or tools, every visitor is free to follow their imaginations and creativity. Throughout the process of creating ceramic, visitors can interact with artist, while artist benefits from the stories and tales of encounters.

Landscape in the Flesh will exhibit sculptures that depict the image of mice, placed in the dark corner of the shelter exhibition space. Based on experiences of mice appearing in her studio, the artist decided on this theme as a form of expression. The unglazed pottery has a reddish hue and is unable to store water and particularly fragile. The qualities of the clay are just like the physical body. The artist places these pieces of fragile flesh within the damp gloomy space as if hiding in a quiet cave.



2018年3月13日 星期二

2018第一季寶藏巖駐村藝術家聯合發表//Treasure Hill 2018 Season 1 Residency Artists Exhibition

● 展期 Exhibition Period/3.2(Fri.)-3.18(Sun.)
● 開放時間 Open Time/11:00-18:00(Closed on Monday)
● 地點 Venue/寶藏巖國際藝術村 Treasure Hill Artist Village
● 藝術顧問 Consultant/陳湘汶 CHEN Hsiang-Wen
● 藝術家/周靈芝 Julie CHOU、賈斯汀.泰勒.泰特 Justin Tyler TATE、朱利安.夸涅 Julien COIGNET、王楓文 Sophia WANG

● 藝術家/周靈芝
● 展覽日期/3.2(五)-3.18(日) 11:00-18:00(週一休館)
● 開幕茶會/3.2 (五) 15:00,邊境廣場
● 展覽地點/寶藏巖,上光13號展間

■ 藝術家自述


■ 客座策展人短介

▲ The Language of Earth and Clay
● Artists/Julie CHOU
● Exhibition Date/3.2(Fri.)-3.18(Sun.) 11:00-18:00(Closed on Monday)
● Opening/3.2 (Fri.) 15:00, Frontier Plaza
● Venue/Treasure Hill, Upper Ray Gallery No.9

■ Artist Statement
Welcome to the world of earth and clay!

Language is a way of communication. There are various languages, such as the language of painting, the language of film. What is the language of earth and clay? Please use your eyes or hands to communicate with the earth and the clay.

■ Guest Curator's Brief Introduction
By CHEN Hsiang-Wen
Wind, water, earth, and air are crucial elements of life. Evolving after tens and thousands of years, an environment suitable for life formed on planet Earth. However, with the emergence and rapid development of nations and Urbanism, people have forgotten to slow down and appreciate elements on which we depend for survival. Through this work the artist guides viewers to re-examine and connect with the land. As the opening of a series of further exhibitions, Julie’s The Language of Earth and Clay transforms Upper Ray Gallery No.13 into a sphere for dialogue with viewers through the natural element of soil. If movies, languages, and texts are communication systems that work through the visual and auditory senses, then the traces of unmodified physical contact with the clay are further proof of connection. This space encourages visitors to explore their creativity, overlapping the old with the new clay and transforming the original forms into new designs, leaving evidence of the special encounter through hands instead of words.

More plants are moved into the gallery room in April.
They came from the leaving resident artist Sophia Wang who finished her project in the shelter and I took over the plants.
They look nice with the clay works.